One Room Challenge: Week 6 Done but Not Finished

Shed Exterior #oneroomchallenge

The One Room Challenge ended on Thursday, and while we have busted our booties to get quite a bit done this week, we’re still not done. Even though it’s not 100% complete I am still very proud of how much we’ve been able to accomplish in the last six weeks.

Don’t worry, even though the ORC is over, we’re still pushing forward to finishing the shed. What we have now is a finished base ready to be decorated, which as we know is the fun part!

The exterior dragged out a little longer than I hoped for because of it raining almost every week, especially on the weekends. The exterior walls are painted, just need to paint the trim and put up some decorations. Down the road we’ll probably get a little landscaping down around the sides.

Exterior of the shed

Exterior of the shed

As for the interior, all the walls got painted. The front area still needs to have the ceiling and beams painted, but the back storage area is 100% completed. It’s now ready for to start brining stuff back in.

Looking back from the front of the shed towards the storage area

Right side of the back storage area

Painted ceiling and beams plus a new light in the storage area

Front area of the shed

Front area of the shed

Next on the to-do list?

  1. Finish painting the trim on the exterior
  2. Paint the trim and door on the interior
  3. Bring out everything that needs to go into storage area and organize it in that area of the shed. Right now everything that is considered storage it hanging out in our entertainment room
  4. Paint the ceiling and beams in the front of the shed
  5. Replace the light switches and outlets in the front of the shed
  6. Finish the flooring
  7. Put up the curtain rod and curtains to separate the storage from the rest of the shed
  8. Build pieces from IKEA for the front of the shed
  9. Decorate!

Our goal is to be 100% completely done with reveal photos by the end of the month if not sooner.

One Room Challenge Spring 2016 #oneroomchallenge


You did a lot already in this space, the finishing details are gonna be easy for sure! Good luck!

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