One Room Challenge: Week 3 Getting Ready for Painting

First coat of pain on the shed #oneroomchallenge #thelovelygeek

We got a LOT done this past week! We got over the biggest hurdle I think which was clearing everything out, and now we can focus on the fun part: painting and decorating!

Last Thursday evening I got my sample paint colors up on the exterior.

Trying to decide which color to paint: Dark Ash or Welded Iron. I was so tempted to write, "Dead inside" #oneroomchallenge #paintswatches @homedepot @behrpaint

After leaving it up for a couple days we decided on… *drumroll* … Welded Iron! Ultimately I wanted to choose a color that I could paint the exterior of the house with down the road, and I really like this one. We picked up two gallons of it on Sunday.

Saturday morning I spent my time moving the woodpile over to the new pile we created by our fire pit.

Left Side of the Shed

The goal of Saturday was to get the edges of the shed cleared so Joshua could power-wash the exterior. While I moved the wood pile, Joshua cleared out the tool shed on the other side.

Right Side of the Shed

He also started rearranging the garage to make room for his stuff that he would be bringing in from the shed.

Sunday morning my brother in-law Bobby and his wife Amber came over to help us clear out the interior of the shed. Since “my stuff” from the garage (aka holiday decor) would be moving to the shed, we had to get that out of the garage so Joshua could move his stuff from the shed in the garage.

The interior of the shed is all cleared out! Just gotta finish the tiny bit of flooring and then we can paint the interior as well! #oneroomchallenge #sheshed

Because we need the shed empty for painting, all the holiday decor + Dani’s stuff for storage is now hanging out in the entertainment room, Joshua’s stuff is all moved into the garage, and the shed is basically empty except for some extra flooring.

I think I underestimated how much work clearing out the shed would involve, which is why I’m so thankful we had the help we did!

And then to top everything off, Wednesday evening I came home from work to find Joshua getting the first coat of paint up on the shed!

First coat of paint is on the shed!

One Room Challenge Spring 2016 #oneroomchallenge


I love the colour you’ve chosen – it looks great. And it sounds like you’re getting plenty done. Good luck wiht the rest of the renovation πŸ™‚

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