One Room Challenge: Week 1 Before Photos and Planning

One Room Challenge: Spring 2016 #thelovelygeek #oneroomchallenge

I’ve decided to dive in and participate in the One Room Challenge for the next six weeks. I’ve seen this challenge go around the blogosphere for years, and I finally checked into what it’s all about. Yesterday featured designers started their ORC, and today it’s our turn (the common-folk 😆).

One Room Challenge Spring 2016 #oneroomchallenge

My room of choice? The shed!

Our Backyard Shed

Our Backyard Shed

Originally it was going to be a workshop for Joshua, but he’d rather make the garage work for him since it’s closer to where he works on his vehicles. Instead he’s given me his blessing to turn the shed into a She Shed! It has the perfect potential to be an amazing little space!


When we first moved in (almost 4 years ago) here’s what the exterior looked like:

The Backyard

A year later, a tree branch fell down causing some damage to the front of the shed:

Tree Damage to the Shed

Because it’s used for storage we didn’t really do anything to repair the damage other than clear everything away; it just wasn’t priority at the time. Then last summer we enlisted the help of our friend’s dad who is a contractor to help us fix up the major damage parts as well as put in a new light and door.

New door for the shed!

Joshua also started laying down the floor that used to be in our entertainment room. In addition to that we got the tree removed that was hanging directly over the shed to prevent any future damage.

When we moved in our house three years ago we had this tree that leaned over the shed. Not too long ago a branch fell from it causing damage to our shed. Today the tree was removed, and now the yard seems a little brighter.

Present Day

Right now it’s used purely for storage. We have extra furniture pieces, bags of pellets for our pellet stoves, even extra items that Dani had when she was at college that she doesn’t need right now but will need when she moves, and all other kinds of random stuff.

Inside the Shed

Inside the Shed

Inside the Shed

Inside the Shed

Inside the Shed

Left Side of the Shed

Right Side of the Shed

The Plans

The shed is divided into two areas: a main large area in the front and a smaller storage area in the back. I plan on keeping the back area for storage, probably separating it from the main area with some kind of cute curtain. It’ll be storage for things like holiday decorations, anything of mine that is currently in the garage that I will need access to.

As for the main large area of the shed? That’s where the fun will begin! Just some ideas my sister and I have for the space: craft area, studio for photos and vlogging, and a spot to do yoga.

Here’s how I’m going to break down weekly tasks:

  1. Paint the exterior
  2. Clear everything out of the interior
  3. Finish the flooring
  4. Clear the walls, fix any holes, outlets, etc. that need attention
  5. Paint the interior
  6. Decorate!

I’m so excited to get started!



Can’t wait to see what you do with your She Shed! What theme are you planning?

Not entirely sure yet! I think once we figure out how we are going to use the space beyond storage then a theme will come into play. πŸ™‚


I love a good shed. You have a HUGE yard. This will be good.

Jodie @ Sypsie

Can’t wait to see how this turns out! What an amazing extra space to play with!

Did you ever finish this project. I own a storage shed and prefabricated metal building business, and am always looking at new, fun and exciting projects that are happening. I would like to be notified of the end result. Great project too.

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