No More Green Room

Our shared home office space

During my dad’s summer break (he’s a teacher) he decided to make our current home his summer project and tackle anything that needed to be done on it.

We’ve gotten a few things taken care of around the house such as a new water heater, new air vents in the master bedroom and dining room, and next week, a new shower in the master bathroom (our new one from last year has had SO many problems).

During one of his visits at the house, I did a walkthrough with him to discuss in the event we move, which is NOW happening, what rooms should we repaint. His only request was to paint the office room.

Our Office

I had a can of Behr’s Swiss Coffee left from last year’s bathroom projects, so I used that and some primer to cover up the green. Now, this is all that is left of the office room.

Bye bye green wall paint.

Not sure if I will be “going green” in my new home, but I am definitely looking forward to using some new, bold colors.

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