No longer embarassed!

The duplex in Larkspur, California

Our living room is now at the point where all we need is some lamps, the sideboard, the couch and a few paintings to fully complete it. Then the only small project for me is spicing up the fireplace with some tiles and candles.

On Sunday while painting all the trim and base boarding in the living room, I ended up painting the front door bleach #FFFFFF 🤓 white as well. Needless to say, what a BIG difference! Before the door was gray thanks to fireplace smoke and there was yellow in it. Now you would never know it used to be that ugly color!

Home Depot called yesterday to tell us our carpet came in and is ready to be installed. So hopefully by Sunday I shall have carpet in my bedroom! Wahoo!

Once I see my family again I will snag their digi cam to take new pics since my digi cam is making everything fuzzy.