My own, my love…

The duplex in Larkspur, California

I officially have high speed internet at my place! It’s all miiiiiine, my Precious! No more mooching off of neighbors weak internet or lugging my laptop around trying to find a free wireless signal. I finally have my own high speed internet! W00t!

In the process of getting our cable set up, we have a gas leak under the house. It’s just one thing after another here, I swear! This upcoming week my task is to clean the walls, now that I have everything unpacked and temporarily placed. Then hopefully I can get cracking on painting next weekend. After that all the flooring gets replaced and hopefully the tiling in the kitchen and bathroom as well.

Tomorrow I go back to P’ville for a birthday dinner for my Nana. On our way back home we’re gonna make a pit stop at IKEA so I can get some pantry type things.