Cure Diaries: A Week in Review

Luxury Shopping Bag Gallery Wall #thelovelygeek

Day 10: Work on Your Goal Project

I took a little bit of time to work on the closet simply by moving all my craft and scrapbooking items out and into the dining room (aka my second workspace). Since I have a lot of craft-related projects to work on for the house, not to mention most of the chaos in my office closet is caused by said craft items, I felt like this would be a good place to start. Turns out it was. One of the boxes I removed turned out to be framed photos that I’ll either be using on my gallery wall or contained frames I needed for other projects. Even though I cleared out one box, it felt like progress.

Of course, I had to move everything back because the dining room was used to celebrate my mom’s birthday on Sunday.

Day 11: Try a Media Fast

I really wanted to do this. A friend brought The Perks of Being a Wallflower to work for me to borrow. I was gonna come home and curl up reading this book for the evening. Unfortunately it was a late night at the office followed by coming home to work on a project for a meeting the next day. Oh, and the meeting ended up getting rescheduled even though I was up till midnight getting ready.

Day 12: Declutter Books & Media

I totally skipped out on this one due to it being another late night at the office and because I technically already did this. I did a major purge two years ago, and since then I have gone all digital with future movie/tv purchases. When we were boxing up items to move, I went through stuff again and took with me what I wanted.

Day 13: Weekend Chores – Flowers & Bedroom

Friday night I made a mini-grocery run and picked up my fresh flowers. Saturday was filled with my Weight Watchers meeting, helping my parents with computer-related issues, and shopping with my sister who was in town for the weekend. By the time I came home, I had just enough time to make dinner, shower, and go to bed.

Sunday was the cleaning day, and I got a lot of stuff done in my bedroom.

  • Did weekly laundry
  • Put lingering clean laundry away from last weekend
  • Put clothing away from Saturday’s shopping ship
  • Organized my undergarments and sock drawer
  • Added a several items of clothing to my Outbox

For the most part it was pretty clean, but my closet needed a little attention, especially my clothes that hadn’t been put away. In addition to organizing my closet, I finished my luxury shopping bag wall!

Luxury Bag Gallery Wall

I’ve become a bit of a shopping bag hoarder, so when I saw the idea to frame shopping bags on Pinterest, I knew this was the happy compromise. Plus it just so happens that 4/6 bags I framed match colors on my bedding. I was lucky I was able to get those bags when I could thanks to San Francisco’s shopping bag laws.

Day 14: Get Papers & Files in Order

This was another task I got to skip out on doing because if it’s one thing Joshua and I are super organized on, it’s our important files. We’ve got a nice big filing cabinet currently taking up residence in my office, which will soon move to Joshua’s office/Entertainment room, and it has all of our stuff nicely organized.

So, I am taking a break to do what I wanted to do on Day 11. I’m going to curl up with a good book and a cup of tea!