Hallway Stripes

Hallway Stripes

While Joshua finished up the last of the entertainment room, I began a new project: stripes in the hallway!

I wanted to do a relationship timeline in the hallway, but I wanted to jazz up the wall a little more.


I found a few tutorials on painting wall stripes, so we used the tutorial from PBJStories. We measured and marked every 13″ till we got to the bottom. It evened out quite nicely.

Beginning Our Stripe Project

After Joshua taped, I painted.


I fell in love with the dark color I used so much that I’ve decided to repaint the entryway with it. The color I chose for the entryway was a lot lighter than I expected, and ever since then I’ve had a little bit of painter’s remorse. So tomorrow Joshua will help me repaint the entryway. 🙂