Going Going Gone

Front of the duplex

This weekend is our big and final move. We’re officially moving the rest of our stuff out of the garage and bidding the bay area adieu!

We already have a new tenant lined up, and it turns out he’s a contractor who plans on redoing the entire bathroom and kitchen. I’m just happy to hear there is someone with enough motivation to tackle that project, but considering he’s moving his wife and two kids in the house, it definitely needs some TLC! I’m just glad this guy is actually a professional and not some crazy person who thinks they are, like the crazy lady before us.

I’m waaay behind on my picture taking, as I’ve been busy doing so much with the house. We’re down to the kitchen and dining room being left to paint, with some trim here and there. I’m working on adding finishing touches to each room with wall art, pillows, and whatnot. Everything is really coming together!