Project Garage Day 3

The garage in our second rental #thelovelygeek

Yesterday I was finally able to put my side of the garage back together. I also painted the trim around the door, put together a little one-door ClosetMaid organizer, did some touch-up painting and cleaned.

Garage Day 3

Garage Day 3

Everything is back in order, but I’m still fiddling with the arrangement.

The next step with the garage is to tackle the main wall you see when you come into the garage itself.

Cleaned Out

Our Garage - Before

We have a lot of containers with holiday decorations that I want to condense. We have six boxes dedicated to Christmas stuff alone! Ideally I’d like to condense it down to one huge container for outdoor décor and one container for indoor décor. Most of the decorations I have don’t get put up because our house is so small (compared to my parents’ house).

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