Dried Up Dryer

dried up dryer

This is our current set-up in the garage. The washer and dryer belonged to my late-grandma when she was living here.

As sexy as the vintage dryer is, it’s on its way out. I’ve been having to leave clothes in there longer and longer just to get them sufficiently dry. Plus the lint trap cracked on the side, and we’ve had air flow issues in the past as well. So, once we get our tax return we’re gonna go dryer shopping!

We talked to our landlords (aka my dad and uncle), and they’re both fine with us investing in a good dryer that we can take with us when we move out in the future. There’s no need to get a washer since the current washer is fairly new in terms of washer-life-expectancy.

I already know I want a front-loader dryer. They tend to be a lot bigger than the average dryer, which is something I want in order to be able to wash my bedding. When I’ve had problems getting my queen-size comforter clean it was mainly due to the fact that the dryer was too small to get it dried all the way. From what I’ve seen Electrolux has an 8 Cu. Ft. dryer, and that’s the biggest size I’ve found.

So hopefully within the next month or two we’ll be getting a shiny new dryer! Now off to Consumer Reports to do some research, heh!