Day 1: Make a List of Projects

The January Cure 2013 #thejanuarycure #thelovelygeek

Today, I decided to take part in Apartment Therapy’s January Cure.

If you are ready to whip your home into shape, get it clean, organized and under control, we’re here to help – let’s do it together! … By the end of January, you’ll be sitting pretty in a clean, fresh, organized home. We’ve even built in plans for a gathering of your friends on the first weekend in February to help you celebrate!

Today’s assignment is to make a list of projects that need to be done throughout the house and highlight 3-5 of them that you’d want to focus on this month.

I began my list and then sat down with Joshua to discuss which items are doable this month, let alone this year. Here is what we came up with. The items we’re going to focus on this month are in bold.

Project List

The Entryway

  • Add weather stripping to front door
  • Replace door hinges
  • Add hooks or coat rack

The Living Room

  • Replace throw pillows
  • Replace current fireplace with pellet stove
  • Relocate thermostat to hallway
  • Replace carpet with hardwood flooring
  • Get new side tables and/or coffee table
  • Tidy up speaker wires behind TV
  • Replace ceiling fan with more modern one that has a dimmer

The Dining Room

  • Replace carpet with hardwood flooring
  • Organize book shelf & add décor
  • Have plans for seasonal changes of bookshelf decor
  • Reupholster dining chairs

The Hallway

  • Finish couples timeline gallery wall
  • Organize linen closet
  • Paint linen closet doors
  • Replace carpet with hardwood flooring

The Guest Room

  • Paint nightstand
  • Replace handles on dresser
  • Acquire additional hanging rod for closet
  • Add more art/prints to walls
  • Hard wire for internet

My Office Room

  • Organize my closet
  • Organize desk drawers
  • Add more storage
  • Make a home for gift-wrapping items
  • Create a Holiday Planner binder
  • Hard wire for internet
  • Update household binder

The Guest Bathroom

  • Organize vanity drawers
  • Organize inside vanity cabinets
  • Stain or paint vanity
  • Replace toilet
  • Replace carpet with hardwood flooring
  • Create a hostess kit

Master Bathroom

  • Replace print on shelf above toilet
  • Organize vanity drawers
  • De-gold fixtures (shower and closet doors)
  • Remodel shower – better storage and shower head
  • Stain or paint vanity

Master Bedroom

  • Add more art/prints walls
  • Add décor to dresser – vase, flowers, pictures, etc.
  • Hard wire for internet

The Kitchen

  • Organize recipe binder & make digital copy for iPad
  • Clean out and organize under the kitchen sink
  • Replace cabinets
  • Replace countertops + backsplash
  • New sink + faucet
  • Replace gas cooktop with electric one
  • New flooring
  • Stainless steel dishwasher
  • New over-the-range fan

The Laundry Room

  • Create a stain-cleaning kit
  • Add shelving
  • Create a key holder
  • Put up leash holder
  • Replace cabinets
  • Make a designated pantry area
  • Create built-in litter box
  • Replace door going from kitchen to laundry room

The Garage

  • Add shelving
  • Hang brooms and mops

The Entertainment Room/Joshua’s Office

  • Organize bookshelves
  • Add shelving
  • Replace ceiling fan with more modern one

The Front Yard

  • Clean out and fix rain gutters
  • Create mailbox decal
  • Remove trees near mailbox
  • Connect driveways and turn into u-shaped driveway

The Backyard

  • Fix tiles on patio table
  • Organize the shed
  • Clean out and fix rain gutters
  • Get a fire pit