Cure Diaries Week 2 and 3: Kitchen and Bedroom

The Bedroom (work in progress) #thelovelygeek

I’m finding that as I go through the Cure assignments this month not all of them are applicable to me since I don’t have years of clutter and disorganization accumulated. Instead I’ve been taking on the assignments in different ways. Here’s a look at the last couple of weeks and what I have done.

I started organizing my pantry.

I’ve done enough of the cures to know there’s a project I’ll have to tackle in addition to the other assignments, so I’ve been thinking a lot about which project to choose. I wanted to choose something that cost little-to-no money since we’re pausing on any projects that cost moolah until after our old house sells.

One of my FAVORITE things about my new house is my pantry! I’ve always wanted a built-in pantry, and now I have one. BUT it’s kind of a mess. I’ve tried to do a little organizing here and there, but I need to take some time out to really take it on.

So I’ve decided my pantry will be my project of choice. Behold its before state.

My Pantry

My Pantry

My kitchen is a kitchen again.

This was the perfect weekend to spend tackling the kitchen. Not only did our refrigerator show up a week prior (FINALLY 🙌🏼), but our new oven was installed over the weekend. And I picked the pantry as my project of the cure earlier in the week.

No fridge



Shiny new oven!

I’m finally hosting a get-together.

Every time I’ve done the Cure the goal has been to clean the house and celebrate with a get-together. Aaaand it ends up not happening! 😆 This time I am actually doing it! I’m hosting a joint birthday part for Joshua and myself. I haven’t decided on the food yet, but I’ve decided on the date, time, and company!

I tidied up the bedroom.

Over the weekend I cleared the bedroom of clutter as I had stuff starting to accumulate in various corners. I also put fresh sheets on the bed and wiped down my vanity.

Our Bedroom

Our Bedroom

Our Bedroom

Our bedroom is going to get a makeover after the sale of our old place, so until then this is as good as it’s going to look.