Cure Diaries: Outbox and Kitchen Cleaning

My Outbox #thejanuarycure

Last week I finally got around to emptying a couple of boxes that had stuff in it from when we got the flooring put in, so I had a nice big box that was perfect for being the outbox this month.

The Outbox

In addition to that, we got a notice for a donations pickup on the 22nd, so all we’ll have to do is drag our outbox to the curb that morning.

Wednesday’s assignment was to purge the pantry, but I tend to stay pretty on top of my pantry since it’s small and I use it quite often. If anything I’m running a little low on things, so a pantry-related shopping trip will be in order soon.

10 Minute Mini Meditation & Pick a Project – We didn’t budget a whole lot for household expenses this month (thanks Christmas and birthdays), so any projects we get done this month are going to be little to no cost. The one that definitely stands out as needing some attention is the closet for the guest room.

The Guest Closet

It’s been like that for quite some time, but it’s the last room that needs new closet doors. All we have to do is get said doors and a shelf for the inside, and then it is done!

My weekend assignment was to clean the kitchen, so I started by clearing out anything 2014 from the fridge on Saturday and ended Sunday night with giving the floors another cleaning since they get dirty so easy.

Clean Kitchen is a Happy Kitchen

Clean Kitchen is a Happy Kitchen

There is definitely something to be said about a nice clean kitchen (and fresh flowers).

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