Cure Diaries, Cleaning and Color

Style Cure 2014: Guest Bathroom Makeover #stylecure #thelovelygeek

Day 4: Hello Outbox, Goodbye Clutter

In between doing other things around the house, I managed to get all the stuff cleared out of the guest bathroom, although I haven’t had anything that’s needed to go in my outbox quite yet. Most of the stuff that was in there was from our master bathroom because we were using it as our main bathroom while the floors were getting dealt with.

Day 5: Focus on a Floor Plan

Guest Bathroom Floorplan
From www.FloorPlanner.com

Because it’s a bathroom and we’re not changing the footprint this is how the bathroom currently looks and how it plans to stay. The toilet will be getting replaced, but that’s about it.

Day 6: Increase Your Color Confidence in 5 Minutes

Based on what I learned in this article, I’m going for a cool color palette in the bathroom since cool colors are best in private rooms. I went for a spa-like theme in the guest bath at the our previous rental because that’s where the bathtub was. It’s the same situation in our current home, so I’ve been contemplating going that route.

Day 7 + Weekend: Do a Clean Sweep & Pick Up Some Chips

Since our master bathroom items were living in the guest bathroom, this weekend was the perfect opportunity to clean everything out. Plus now that our master bathroom is 98% back to normal (we still need mirrors), I was able to put all my stuff back thus getting the guest bathroom 100% clean. I also plugged in a new wallflower, so it smells quite lovely in there as well.

Day 8: What is Your Room Missing?

As I mentioned earlier on, all I did to this bathroom was switch out the light, slapped a coat of paint on the walls, added a couple pictures, and a put up a new shower curtain. The overall color palette is very neutral and since the countertop is super long there is a lot of empty space.

Guest Bathroom

It could definitely use some more color and contrast. The boldest thing in the room is the oak cabinets, and I absolutely hate those! I definitely plan on painting them for sure. I’m still not entirely sure the colors I want to use in the room just yet (even though that was part of the assignment), but I do know it will be more than the current neutral color scheme.