Cleaning up the Patio

The backyard at my Nana's house

About a year ago Joshua and I began working on clearing out the house. Now that the house is 100% done, we’re tackling the yard so we can actually enjoy the patio. We weren’t able to enjoy our patio much last year because we worked on the house well through the summer and most of the time we had a dump pile going on back there.

Yesterday we took advantage of the nice weather and went to town on the backyard. One of the big annoyances is this giant bush/vine/plant thingy that kinda hides part of our patio. Last summer while doing some patio/yard maintenance my mom and sis were trying to trim it down and got attacked by bees. Needless to say we’ve been dieing to just eliminate that thing altogether, and it was only recently we got the okay from both our landlords (my dad and uncle).

Joshua borrowed an electric hedge trimmer from our neighbor and slowly but surely got that beast taken care of.

Cleaning the Back Patio

Meanwhile, I was around the corner taking care of the small area underneath the master bedroom.

Cleaning the Back Patio

There were a lot of weeds that accumulated here once we started having consistent nice weather after all the winter rain. I pulled those out plus two large bush/plants that were already on their way out of the ground. Joshua, Dani, and I raked up the dead leaves, etc. and hosed everything off. We went over to Lowe’s to get some bark, but we underestimated how much bark we needed. Today after work, Joshua is getting the rest of the bark, so hopefully it will all be done.

Most of the plastic patio furniture my Nana had has been on its way out since last summer, so Joshua and I were starting to look around at some nice patio furniture, something we can take with us when we move in the future.

Patio Furniture from Walmart

I found this really nice set from Walmart for under $500! I ordered it last night so it should be here sometime next week. We were originally going to go with the Windsor collection from Target, but not only was it a bit out of our budget, but they had a “pricing error” that they refused to budge on. Oh well their loss, Walmart’s gain! One thing’s for sure is I cannot wait to be spending some nice summer nights on the patio!