Cena Moves Dirt. Great Success.

This past weekend I was finally able to work on the yard. For the past few months it has either been too hot or too busy to work. I was able to make a dent in my Project Nice Yard on Sunday. Well, I started on Saturday, but Joshua being on roadside cut that task short. Sunday we decided to venture to Lowe’s, which we officially love way more than Home Depot.

First off, I love Lowe’s because they are pond/fountain/water garden friendly. They had the biggest selection of pond stuff I’ve ever seen. All summer I’ve been wanting to have a fountain or pond of some sort in the backyard and after several failed attempts I had given up hope; however I was able to grab a simple pond container along with a pump and booyah I had my fountain. Made the Cena very happy.

Right now my yard is completely nekkid except for a flower bed where my wee little fountain sits in the middle. All I have left to do is bring a few stepping stones back to make a path and the rest plant ground-cover. After that… it’s up to the next tenant that comes along.