Carpeting and Fume Hood

The duplex in Larkspur, California

My grandparents came over today so I could discuss carpet prices and such with them. I was worried they wouldn’t front the money for it because my grandma was against wall-to-wall carpeting in the first place due to some superstition that it would trap evil spirits (she can’t stick bay leaves under them); however my grandpa gave me a check so one less thing to worry about. Someone from Home Depot is coming out to take measurements on Saturday, Tuesday we’ll get a quote and Wednesday we pay and order. Then 3 weeks from then, we’ll have carpet.

I also had a guy come over to see about installing an fume hood in our kitchen since I currently don’t have one. The stove that was here when we first moved in was a 50 year old one that had the vent built in so there was this big pipe that went to the back and into the wall. But once we got a new stove, there was no place for the fumes to go except in my kitchen causing me headaches whenever I cooked. The guy told us (my grandparents arranged this btw) it’d be about 2 weeks since he’s in the middle of another project. While I’m waiting for him, I can start on wall/cabinet painting and cabinet replacing. Flooring will be very last.


Anyhoo, I need to get going and head over to IKEA to return the remainder of the flooring we didn’t use. That’ll be a nice $25 back in my pocket which I can possibly put towards other household things. W00t!