Beach Bum

IKEA in Emeryville, CA

Yesterday we had our very first heat wave. It sucked booty, especially since Joshua decided to turn the heater on in the middle of the night thus killing all cold air I tried to keep inside. Not to mention I cooked chicken for dinner and was cleaning so I worked up one heck of a sweat. Even a cold shower only helped so much. Needless to say, I looked like a dog when I had my head sticking out the window of the car going across the bridge to IKEA letting the cool bay breeze blow against my face. That’s one thing you gotta love about the bay. If you ever need to cool down, just drive 5-15 minutes to the water and you’ll completely forget the heat you had at home. You just can’t do that in Placerville.

Went to IKEA yesterday to splurge on a ton of stuff for the house. I got myself a nice desk (pain in the rear to put together) and chair, and Joshua got a few things to help organize in the closet as well as some miscellaneous odds and ends.

IKEA CYRIL Computer cabinet

Our house is really starting to come along now that I’m getting to the decorating point. I’ll feel a big sense of completeness once I get the yard fully tackled.

Speaking of the yard, have I mentioned how excited I am to be dealing with it? I think what makes me really happy is that the yard is the only part of my house where there are the least obstacles and grandparents/money/sanity isn’t a problem. Plus, both Joshua & I have been able to compromise to meet both our needs.

In the backyard, where most of the cool stuff will happen, Joshua wants to put up a work shed and I want to have a pond. I figure if I don’t have a view of the bay the least I can have is a pretty little pond to look at. Plus it will be a nice little hangout for the cats and for me as well. I think the best part is that for $90 I get a whole pond kit and don’t even have to worry about buying decorative rocks ‘n shit because I have soooo much of that already. If anything, I have to spend the big bucks for the 30+ bags of bark to cover the rest of the front yard. Merh.

Anyhoo, I am extremely happy because I got to relax at the beach today and then we bought one of those air conditioners that go in the window. Also I get to work a full 8 hour shift tomorrow in an air conditioned building. Life is getting to be good again. Me likey.