April Challenge: Project “Purge”


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  1. Carolynne says:

    Wow!!! Your purge is amazing!!! Peter and I recently did a spring cleaning of the house and we also got rid of a whole bunch of stuff. The church that my mom and grandma go to always has a garage sale at the beginning of June and so we have everything boxed up and sitting in a corner of the living room. We can’t bring it to the church until the week before the garage sale. But hey, I know the stuff will be gone soon and so I’m happy!

    It always feels so nice to have a clean and organized home. Clutter is BAD. I wish I was as coordinated as you are, but hey, I can’t have everything LOL.

    I have been seriously thinking about getting rid of my cds. I honestly haven’t looked at them in YEARS. I usually end up just putting them onto my iTunes and never touching them again. Since I buy most of my music off the iTunes store, I actually haven’t bought an actual cd in years. I really like the way you organized your cds!! I thought about just giving the cds away, but then what if I lose the files off my computer. So I might just give your method of organizing a try!! That way it will be less cluttered, but I still have my back up cds. YAY

    Cristina, you are my hero LOL πŸ™‚