An Office Again

Staples Z-line Pacific Compact Computer Desk

I can say I have learned my lesson from getting a fold-down desk. Joshua and I were rough-housing Wednesday night and ended up accidentally knocking off the fold-down part where the keyboard, mouse, etc. sit on. In other words, the part that makes this desk a desk. It didn’t surprise me because for awhile it has been on its way out so I knew it was time to get a new one.

New Desk

This pretty baby only cost me $70 from Staples! Made me very happy. I recently got a docking station which explains the monitor, keyboard, etc. and I was able to make use of my stereo again! I got the shelf from my parents and the things to hold it up from IKEA today, among other things.

I plan on redoing my old room this weekend while staying at my parents house. It will look pretty since it will contain cool shizzle from IKEA! I shall take pictures.