A New Office Set-Up

danish desk dining room

Oh hai, it has been awhile, hasn’t it? I went from having a very stressful quarter to getting really sick to starting my last quarter of school ever which is bound to become stressful real soon. What can you do? I’ve learned to just go with it, reminding myself it’s almost over.

Meanwhile, I got a new desk! After not using his desk for quite some time, my grandpa finally decided to let me have it.

Grandpa's Office

Grandpa's Office

For as long as I can remember I’ve always loved my grandpa’s desk. It’s a teak Danish desk, and it’s the only piece of furniture in my grandparents house that I like; everything else is oriental themed because my Russian grandmother grew up in China. At one point my grandparents had a teak Danish dining room set and matching credenza, but they gave that to my parents. My mom plans to pass it on to me when Joshua and I buy our first home.

Yesterday we cleaned the desk out and took it a part (simply unscrewing the four legs). Not only did we get the desk out of the room, but we ended up taking the rug out and completely rearranging the room! The rug in that room covered the air vent, and the desk was helping hold up part of the rug; removing the rug got rid of a fire hazard as well as a lot of dust and grossness that was lurking underneath it.

Cleaned Up Guest Room

When I got home, I ventured over to Lowe’s and picked up some Danish Oil to help stain and protect the desk. I mainly got it for the desk legs, because the legs were several shades lighter than the desk itself. It’s hard to tell in the pictures I’ve taken, but they looked sun bleached. Plus, that desk has been in the same spot with the same amount of “stuff” on it ever since I was a kid, so I doubt it’s ever been polished or oiled.

Danish Oil

Look at the picture on the can up there; the light area that person’s hand is polishing was the color of the desk legs. After two coats, the legs are much darker.

Staining the desk legs

Today I put the legs back on and moved it to its temporary, possibly permanent spot.

The Desk in it's New Home

I haven’t decided if it’s going to stay in the dining room or move to the office room. I probably won’t come to a decision until after graduation. We shall see.

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This is a beautiful desk! And you did a lovely job with rearranging that room, it looks lovely!

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