The 2014 Style Cure

Style Cure 2014: Guest Bathroom Makeover #stylecure #thelovelygeek

Thursday started the annual Apartment Therapy Style Cure in which we work on making over any room in our house of our choice for a whole month.

Day 1: Complete the Style Cure Interview

Style Cure Interview 2014

After doing this I realized my answers hadn’t changed too much from last year’s. Still just as nerdy and modern!

Day 2 + Weekend: Go On a Style Scouting Outing

I didn’t get out much this past weekend. I went to Tahoe all of Saturday to visit family, and on Sunday I went to four Home Depots (another post) and to church. Instead I was style scouting online:

Day 3: Choose Your Room and Do a Mindful Makeover

The guest bathroom is one of those rooms that hasn’t gotten a whole lot of love since we moved in, and yet it is one of the most frequently used rooms – you’d think it would have been more of a priority. I pretty much slapped a coat of paint on it, put in a new light and shower curtain, and hung up a couple of pictures.

Guest Bathroom

Guest Bathroom

Guest Bathroom

Last year when we tackled the entertainment room it ended up being quite an overwhelming project, and in order to not get overwhelmed with doing the bathroom I’ve broken up the things we want to do for the guest bathroom into two phases.

Phase I

  • Replace toilet
  • Repaint walls
  • Finish painting trim
  • Hang shelving
  • Rearrange towel racks
  • Add decor and style
  • Organize drawers and cabinet in vanity
  • Stain or paint vanity
  • Add hardware to vanity?

Phase II

  • Replace vanity
  • Replace flooring
  • Replace tub/shower

Phase I are things I can definitely accomplish during the time frame of the Style Cure whereas Phase II will come at a much later date.