2014 January Cure, Day 1

The January Cure 2014 #thejanuarycure #thelovelygeek

Today I’m starting Apartment Therapy’s January Cure for the second year in a row! I really enjoyed doing it last year, especially since it helped me get a lot of stuff done around the house.

The assignment for today is to make a list of projects, room-by-room. I looked at my list from last year, and it was really neat to see how far we’ve come with the house. Now it’s a new year full of new projects.

2014 Project List

The Entryway


  • Replace front door
  • Add a welcome mat to the outside
  • Add a bench and/or more storage
  • Add a hinge stop to the closet door
  • Replace hinges on closet door
  • Organize closet
  • Add a table + charging station?

The Living Room

Living Room

  • Paint trim
  • Repaint walls?
  • Add more art to walls
  • Paint table from shed and replace LACK side tables with it
  • Replace gas fireplace with pellet stove
  • Replace carpet with hardwood flooring
  • Add wall paneling and shelving to create a mantel
  • Mount TV to wall
  • Replace speakers with sound bar
  • Clean out and organize sideboard
  • Replace scratching post (carpet material is coming apart)

The Dining Room

Dining Room

  • Replace carpet with hardwood flooring
  • Replace artwork above bookshelf?
  • Paint trim
  • Repaints walls?

The Kitchen


  • Move bar cart and create a landing strip
  • Clean out and organize under the kitchen sink
  • Replace cabinets
  • Replace countertops + backsplash
  • Replace sink + faucet
  • Replace flooring
  • Replace dishwasher
  • Replace the over-the-hood range

The Laundry Room

Laundry Room

  • Paint trim and door
  • Add shelving
  • Create a key holder
  • Replace cabinets
  • Make a designated pantry area
  • Create built-in litter box
  • Replace door going from kitchen to laundry room

The Garage

Finished Garage

  • Add additional shelving
  • Clean up and organize

The Media/Entertainment Room

Entertainment Room

  • Mount TV and speakers to wall
  • Move satellite connection to the wall
  • Organize and add to home gym corner

The Hallway

The Hallway

  • Paint ceiling
  • Replace smoke detector with Nest Protect
  • Continue adding art to the wall
  • Paint linen closet doors
  • Organize linen closet
  • Replace carpet with hardwood flooring

Guest Bedroom

The Guest Room

  • Replace handles on dresser
  • Paint dresser?
  • Paint trim, door, and closet doors
  • Add either a wall clock or digital clock to nightstand
  • Add a couple more guest amenities
  • Replace carpet with hardwood flooring

Office Room

My Office

  • Fix area on desk where pieces of wood are coming off
  • Organize my closet
  • Paint door and closet door
  • Replace closet handle and hinges
  • Organize desk drawers
  • Replace carpet with hardwood flooring

Guest Bathroom

Guest Bathroom

  • Repaint walls
  • Pain trim
  • Add shelving
  • Paint vanity cabinet
  • Replace toilet
  • Add a couple more guest amenities
  • Accessorize and organize
  • Stain or paint vanity
  • Update flooring?

Master Bathroom

New Colors for the Master Bath

  • Replace shower head (we were forced to do this tonight otherwise no shower)
  • Paint trim
  • Repaint walls (closet/vanity area)
  • Replace print on shelf above toilet
  • Organize vanity drawers
  • Create a make-up vanity?
  • De-gold fixtures (shower and closet doors)
  • Replace carpet with hardwood flooring

Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom

  • Add more art/prints walls
  • Add décor to dresser – vase, flowers, pictures, etc.
  • Paint trim
  • Replace door
  • Repaint walls?
  • Replace carpet with hardwood flooring

The Front Yard

All Soiled Up

  • Put sod in
  • Add stepping stones from second driveway to front steps
  • Fill center circle in with white rocks and bird bath
  • Add shrubs
  • Add weatherproof furniture and decor to front porch
  • Replace front light with sensor one
  • Add solar lighting around walkways
  • Add custom address decal to mailbox
  • Create sign so people won’t park so close to our mailbox

The Backyard

The Backyard

  • Finish pulling out unwanted plants, trees, shrubs, etc.
  • Remove stone fountain and other stone planter boxes
  • Clean out garden beds
  • Put in irrigation
  • Add new shrubs and ground-cover
  • Plant desired herbs in garden beds
  • Create a fire pit + seating area
  • Acquire more chairs and umbrella for table on deck
  • Get new coffee table to go with outdoor furniture on deck
  • Add more outdoor lighting
  • Fix electrical in the shed
  • Paint, clean-up, and organize shed
  • Get a hot tub


  • Create an area for wine storage and get/make a wine rack
  • Frame former house keys
  • Create a Holiday Planner binder
  • Update household binder
  • Create a pet binder
  • Create a financial binder
  • Organize recipe binder & make digital copy for iPad
  • Paint and find a home for this dresser
  • Paint and find a home for this bamboo shelf


Holy crow!! This is a very ambitious list. I can’t believe how much you want to do in one year alone. Everything sounds wonderful, but so expensive as well! Haha. Hardwood instead of carpets is always a great choice, but it’s going to be cold! Well at least here in Calgary it is. I wish you lots of luck with your tasks and I hope you get plenty accomplished.

Oh there’s no way I plan on getting everything done on this list in 2014! This is just an overall project list. In fact stuff like the flooring, the hot tub, even the kitchen are projects that will happen waaaay down the road.

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