A Roundup of My Favorite Screen Savers

Ever since I switched to Mac almost 10 years ago, I have been a sucker for elegant Mac setups and office spaces. Hence why @macsetups is my new favorite Instagram account to follow. It’s like design porn for me, I LOVE it!

Perusing through the feed I’ve noticed that the most common question that pops up (and I get this too on my photos) is, “Where can I find that screensaver?” Over the years I’ve used several different screen savers, so I thought I would share some of my favorites.

Fliqlo – Mac and Windows, FREE

Fliqlo Screen Saver

An oldie but a goodie and still very popular. This was my first screen saver when I switched to Mac, and I currently use it on my work computer.

Padbury Clock – Mac only, FREE

Padbury Clock Screen Saver

I’m using this one currently on my home computer. It’s definitely become a popular one next to the Fliqlo clock.

The Weather, City Edition – Mac only, FREE

The Weather, City Edition Screen Saver

I loved using this one, especially on my work iMac because my job is in Sacramento (one of the cities). Unfortunately it hasn’t been updated in quite some time, so it doesn’t work with any of the newer versions of Mac OS.

Word Clock – Mac only, $4.99

Word Clock Screen Saver

I played around with this one years ago when I wanted to switch things up a bit. I think when I tried this one I downloaded a trial that worked for a few days and then wanted you to buy it for $4.99.

Real Simple’s 10th Anniversary Clock – Mac and Windows, FREE

Real Simple's 10th Anniversary Clock

I got this when it first came out (back when I was a Windows user), and I loved it. Unfortunately I don’t have the download files anymore, and Real Simple doesn’t seem to have a trace of this on their website. ☹️ I did tweet them to see if they’ll even make it available in the future. Here’s hoping!

FlipClock America – Mac, FREE

FlipClock America

This was another one I tried when I wanted to mix things up from the Fliqlo clock. It’s a tough screen saver to track down nowadays since it originated on a forum post that no longer exists.

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Oh my gosh, I am so boring. I don’t have a screen saver. Like NOTHING. My monitor goes blank and that’s that. Sigh. I guess I should razzle dazzle it up a bit! 😉

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