A Giant iPhone Was Released

iPad is here

Introducing the iPad – digital relief for that time of the month! Errr…

The iPad

Remember when the iPhone came out and they had giant ones in the windows at the Apple Store? Well now you can finally take one of those home! It’s called an iPad! Actually it’s more of an oversized iPod Touch with optional 3G. With iBooks. In other words, not impressive!

I was really disappointed in today’s release. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Mac, iPhone, and iPod, but Elliot Jay Stocks brings up a good point/question in his article, “If you have an iPhone and a MacBook Pro, why would you need an iPad?”

All the hype and rumors surrounding this release are of those that are so Apple obsessed they will love anything shiny Apple throws at them. This is one event I think I’m going to pretend didn’t happen and wait till March/April when they hopefully announce something interesting, such as AT&T losing iPhone exclusivity and/or a 1TB hard drive for the Macbook Pro line.

Steve I’ma let you finish, but Always had the greatest pad of all time!

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