Adventures in Geek Land

Shopping at Best Buy and Borders

Today has been quite an interesting day! It kinda started with yesterday but still. Interesting. At least for me, anyway.

I’m not sure if I mentioned this or not, but recently I finished ripping my entire DVD collection which amounted to 240GB! Yes, just for my movies. That doesn’t even include the rest of my music library and TV shows. In order to hold all this I have an external hard drive 1TB in size! My external hard drive is strictly for holding my iTunes library, and recently I used it to back up all my documents to transfer from my PC to my Mac.

After I had everything transferred over my next step was to get my iTunes up and running. I guess my hard drive was formatted for Windows only even though it technically is PC and Mac compatible. I was able to copy things off, but I didn’t have any other permissions, so couldn’t have iTunes direct my library to the hard drive.

I did some Googling on how to format it for Mac in Mac so I did that last night via Disc Utility. This morning it had made no progress so I decided to disconnect it and try formatting it on my PC through a free trial of MacDrive. When I plugged my hard drive in my PC didn’t recognize it. Plugged it back in my Mac and it didn’t recognize it either.

Luckily I hung on to the receipt since I had to replace my external hard drive before; however I had last exchanged it back in October and Best Buy’s return policy was for 30 days. All I can say is it paid off making the extra effort to look cute before going out to Best Buy. I explained to them my situation and even some nice guy from the Geek Squad helped me find a nicer hard drive! Because my new one was cheaper than my old one I got $89 in store credit! Very nice!

After Best Buy I went over to wander around in Borders (I swear I can spend hours in that store) where I picked up a few things…

Goodies I got today from Best Buy and Borders Bookstore!

Came home, plugged in the new external hard drive, and am now back on track to getting my iTunes library set up properly. Once I get it on the drive then I can start working on installing Windows. I’ve decided that before I cough up $270 to buy Photoshop and Quicken for Mac, I’m going to try running Windows and using the programs I have first. There’s just a part of me that feels weird running Windows on a Mac. I’m afraid I’ll break something, haha. We’ll see how it goes!