Meal Plan Monday: 5 Slow-cooker Foods for Fall

Crockpot Sloppy Joe Sweet Potatoes #dashingdish

Ahh, Fall. Nothing breaks out the crockpot faster than cooler weather.

When it's finally fall and I can go balls to the wall with my crockpot #TheMotherOctopus

Ever since the temperature began to drop, my InstantPot (it has a crockpot feature) has basically been living on my kitchen counter. Not only do I make yummy comfort food but it is super easy to meal prep for. Sometimes there are whole weeks where I do nothing but crockpot meals and it’s just a matter of dropping a bag of stuff in and setting the timer.

Here are just some of my favorite foods to make:

Creamy Sweet Potato Soup – Really yummy and so easy to make! I replaced the greek yogurt with coconut cream and the parmesan cheese with nutritional yeast. To really save on time you can even buy all the veggies frozen. That way you can make it real quick in the morning by dumping everything in and having it ready by dinner time.

Crockpot Sloppy Joe Sweet Potatoes – The flavor reminded me of REALLY flavorful Hamburger Helper without the processed garbage. By stuffing this into sweet potatoes it adds a new dimension of flavor. Joshua absolutely LOVES these!

Tomato Parmesan Soup – Not only is this recipe packed with veggies but it tastes so much better than anything out of a can. We replace the parmesan cheese with nutritional yeast and serve up a side of Simple Mills Almond crackers to dip.

Chili – I love me some good chili! Even better, when I entertain, I like to do a build-your-own chili bar. Most of the chili recipes I use are from Dashing Dish, but her really good ones are membership only. The Low Carb Texas Crockpot Chili is the one I make the most. The 5 Ingredient Clean Eating White Chicken Chili is available for free, and I’ve made this one numerous times as well, swapping the yogurt for coconut cream. And of course, chili goes perfectly with cornbread!

Chicken Soup – Search on Pinterest for crockpot chicken soup and a ton of recipes come up. I like to make the bone broth in the crockpot and then throw cooked noodles (or zoodles) in right before serving. Making the broth is really easy. Whenever we have a whole chicken I save the carcass and use that for my broth. I’ll put that in the crockpot along with chicken stock/water, veggies, garlic, and spices and let all of that simmer for a few hours at least. After it’s all done I mix it with some noodles and serve up hot. It’s so yummy!