Summer LAN Party


This weekend we had our annual Summer LAN party.

The Gaming Boys

The Gaming Boys

As usual, we made our famous dip and had an amazing array of food brought by others.

The Food

My sister’s boyfriend came up for the weekend and made tacos. They were SO good!

Dani's Boyf Grilling Meat for Tacos

Because of the drought, heat, and fire ban we couldn’t break in our recently created fire pit.

The Fire Pit

But we lit a couple citronella candles and placed them in the pit, so we had a “fire” to gather around, hehe.

Mr. Big likes BBQ

Mr. Big had a great time socializing, especially around the barbecue.

Sleepy Gamers

And everybody slept quite well! People who spent the night left around 1pm, so the rest of the day was spent cleaning and relaxing.

Looking forward to our next LAN party – New Year’s Eve, when we can really break in the fire pit!


Haha so nerdy and awesome. Glad that you get to have these wonderful parties. Tell me, have you ever blown a fuse with that many computers and monitors hooked up?!

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