An Impromptu Dinner Party

Fajita Dinner

My sister Dani and her boyfriend John came up for the weekend to watch the house for us while we were in Napa, and last night we had a bunch of friends over for a fajita dinner party!

The ladies (Becca, Jackie, and Danielle) hung out in the kitchen with us nomming on gluten-free chips and homemade salsa while Dani and John prepared the meal.

The Ladies

Making Salsa

Dani & John

Dani & John

Dani & John

The boys (Joshua, Adama, and Ethan) were in the Media Room playing on the Xbox.

Hanging out with the Xbox

Hanging out with the Xbox

Dinner was homemade fajitas followed my homemade chocolate chip cookies (my contribution) and oreo cookie cake with vanilla ice cream for dessert.

The fajitas are ready!

Homemade Cookies

Oreo Cake

Everyone has a great time including Tucker and Mr. Big!

Tucker & Mr. Big on KP Duty