Day 5: Organize My Office Closet

Office Closet Mess #thejanuarycure

Assignment: Select a good project from your list to complete this month AND take a few “Before” photos

Although it’s not one of the bolded projects on my list, after looking things over yesterday plus dealing with it over the weekend, I’ve decided the first project I want to tackle is organizing my office closet.

It’s one of those projects that need to be tackled in order to deal with other organizing projects around the house. Once there’s space in the closet, I can work on making a gift-wrapping area, get my scrapbooking stuff in order, and get some stuff out of my desk and into the closet.

Here are my before photos.

Office Closet - Before

Office Closet - Before

Office Closet - Before Office Closet - Before

There were two additional white boxes on the shelf, but I was able to clear those out and put them elsewhere over the weekend. Still, I have a lot of other boxes and bags to go through.