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#thelovelygeek launching soon


The Lovely Geek

Hello, friends! You may have noticed it’s been a little quiet around here lately. That’s because I’ve been busy behind the scenes working on my new blog for quite some time. I’m happy to finally announce a launch date for Monday, September 5. Everything will switch over then. I’m signing off for now, but… Read more »

WordCamp Sacramento 2015


Sacramento WordCamp 2015

Saturday, November 7th I had the privilege of attending the first ever WordCamp Sacramento. It was organized by our local Sacramento WordPress meet-up group and was hosted by my alumni, The Art Institute of California – Sacramento. For those of you unfamiliar with WordCamp, it’s basically a conference for people that are fans/use WordPress. There… Read more »

NaBloPoMo #thelovelygeek


NaBloPoMo 2015

It’s November 1st which means it’s National Blog Post Month (NaBloPoMo). Long time followers of my blog know this means that this month I challenge myself to blog for a whole month. It’s a nice way to get myself back into blogging if I find myself stuck in rut. My friend and fellow blogger Jem… Read more »


Help Me Build a Better Blog: A Reader Survey

Through social media I’ve been able to gage who some of my readers are, but since I am planning on a new blog I’d like to know a little more about you! As a professional web designer, the research process is super important as it determines the direction of the design, so I wouldn’t be… Read more »

My Top 10 Favorite Mac Apps for Tech & Web #thelovelygeek


Top 10 Tech and Web Apps for Mac

I’ve had a few friends/family members/coworkers join the Mac side, so I’m often asked, “What apps do you recommend?” Most everything I use is related to my job as a web designer and developer, so here are some of my favorites. 1. Slack This is the new office favorite! Before we used Google Hangouts/Flamingo, but… Read more »

3 Ways to Combat WordPress Spam #thelovelygeek


3 Ways to Combat Spam on Your WordPress Blog

If you have a WordPress blog and allow comments then you know spam can be pain. It can get very time consuming having to go through the spam queue and sort out the real comments from the spammy ones. Luckily it’s fairly easy to keep your blog spam-free with just a few simple steps. 1…. Read more »

Google Reader


RIP Google Reader

Today is the day. Google Reader is now gone. I recently switched to Feedly (thanks Angela for the suggestion), and by far it’s my favorite reader. At one point I was using Reeder, but despite it being a beautiful interface, it made it difficult to share articles. Plus they’re not ready for today’s killswitch and… Read more », 2012


Spring Portfolio Show

After many quarters of watching my friends participate, it was finally my turn to be in the quarterly Portfolio Show. When you’re a graduate in the portfolio class, part of the requirement is to participate in the show. You get to stand at a table with your web site up on the TV for 4… Read more »


Digital Typography

In Digital Type, we had two projects throughout the quarter. The first was a type blog, and the second was a design for an alternate industry. Type Blog The type blog assignment began by us doing some research and pitching a blog idea on two typeface designers of our choice. I chose John Baskerville and… Read more »