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A Mini Vacation in Yosemite

Yesterday Joshua and I came home from an overnight trip in the Yosemite area. We spent all day Thursday in Mariposa, where I had meetings with my clients and Joshua looked after Tucker and Mr. Big. After my meetings, Joshua, myself, the dogs, and my coworker headed to the Tenaya Lodge for the night. We… Read more »

Anniversary Dinner at Blue Bayou


Our 2013 Disneyland Vacation

Last night Joshua and I came home from Anaheim where we spent the last few days for a mini vacation. We spent our anniversary weekend at the happiest place on earth along with my father in-law and stepmother in-law; they were there for their anniversary as well. Thursday morning we left the house around 4am… Read more »

Washington Ferry


Cristina Goes to Washington

It’s been a little over a week since I’ve returned from the annual family vacation with Joshua’s family. It took a bit of time to get back into the swing of things due to coming home late, having a few days in office to catch up only to turn around and pack up for a… Read more »

New York Public Library, 2011


East Coast Adventures with My Sister

My sister Dani and I just got back from an amazing trip on the East Coast. We stayed with our relatives in Connecticut the whole time, and they were the best hosts ever! Not only did I take a ton of photos, but Dani and I decided to do something different and vlog about our… Read more »

yosemite family vacation 2011


Our Vacation in Yosemite

For the 4th of July weekend, Joshua and I went out of town to Yosemite with his family for the annual family vacation. We stayed at the Yosemite West/Mariposa KOA and enjoyed exploring the lovely town of Mariposa in addition to Yosemite National Park itself. I’ve lived in California all 24 years of my life,… Read more »

Disney World

Love, Travel

Our Honeymoon in Florida

When Joshua and I got married back in November I was still in school, and because missing one day of my school is equivalent to missing one week we decided to go on our honeymoon during my Christmas break. The day after Christmas Joshua and I got dropped off at the airport by my sis… Read more »

oregon family vacation


Family Vacation on the Oregon Coast

July 3rd through July 10th I went on vacation with Joshua’s family up in Oregon. We camped at a KOA in a little town called Langlois, located between Port Orford and Bandon. As usual, I took a lot of pictures. We spent most of our time exploring the beaches nearby and just relaxing. Thursday the… Read more »

Disneyland Vacation, 2009


Our Disneyland (and Proposal) Vacation

November 6th, Our Anniversary We got into LA around noon and ventured over to the Mercedes-Benz Classic’s Center as part of my anniversary present for Joshua. It was Joshua’s second visit and my first. It was so great to see all these old luxurious cars in such perfect condition. We took a ton of pictures… Read more »

Convict Lake, CA


Family Vacation at Convict Lake

Joshua and I just got back from a wonderful family vacation at Convict Lake, nestled east of Yosemite. Not only was it spent with Joshua’s immediate family but his grandparents, cousins, aunts, and uncles were all there as well. This was so we could celebrate his grandparents’ 50th wedding anniversary. Our vacation started Thursday, July… Read more »

Manchester Beach Family Vacation


Long 4th Weekend

After leaving on Thursday I am finally back from a very fun weekend of camping at Manchester State Park. Thursday I ditched school in order to finish packing and make an early start up to the campgrounds. We got there around 4pm and soon after we arrived we left again with the rest of the… Read more »