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Summer LAN Party

This weekend we had our annual Summer LAN party. As usual, we made our famous dip and had an amazing array of food brought by others. My sister’s boyfriend came up for the weekend and made tacos. They were SO good! Because of the drought, heat, and fire ban we couldn’t break in our recently… Read more »

2013-2014 LAN Party


Welcome 2014!

Happy 2014! We rang in the New Year with over 30 people at our annual New Year’s Eve Party & LAN Party. As usual, most of the guys were gaming in the Media Room. And the rest of us were hanging out in the living room eating food, drinking beverages, and playing Cards Against Humanity…. Read more »

Christmas 2013


Christmas 2013

Our Christmas began on Saturday the 21st where we went over to Joshua’s dad and stepmom’s house for dinner, games, and presents. We celebrated with my sister, Joshua’s stepsister, stepbrother, and brother along with the parents. We had a great time watching Mr. Big in his snowman outfit play with my in-laws’ brand new Chihuahua/Jack… Read more »

2012 Christmas Haul


Christmas 2012

Merry Christmas! This year Joshua and I celebrated Christmas with our family in our new house! We actually had a total of three Christmases. First was Christmas with Joshua’s adopted family at their house on Saturday. We had a fondue party and exchanged gifts. They left for Southern California the next day which is why… Read more »

NYE LAN Party 2011-2012


New Year, New Goals

Happy New Year everyone! Joshua and I rang in the new year by hosting a New Year’s Eve LAN party. What is a LAN party you might ask? Urban Dictionary defines a LAN party as, “A party where people bring their own computers, hook them up, and game all night long with each other. Also… Read more »

halloween 2010


A Gleeful Halloween

This year’s Halloween get together was a small one. Considering Halloween is on Sunday this year we didn’t expect too many people. I didn’t decorate the house until the day before, and as soon as the trick-or-treaters died down I put everything away. Halloween was kind of a low priority since I’ve been busy wedding… Read more »

Our first Halloween party!


A Much Happier Halloween

This year’s Halloween was SO MUCH better than last year’s Halloween! Why? Because I partied with great people instead of mourning over the loss of my grandma. And this, my friends, is a much better thing! This year I went as Princess Leia, which I haven’t gone as since 4th grade. Meanwhile, Joshua went as… Read more »