Looks Like It’s Working

Proactiv Kit from 2008

It has been a week now that I’ve been on ProActiv, and I have to say this just might be the end of the road for me acne-wise. I’ve spent the past week overcoming my reactions to Benzoyl Peroxide, and now I can see this is the one ingredient that works.

When I first started using it I got a reaction right away: some redness, bumps, and itching. Nothing serious compared to my previous reactions. This was mainly due to using it twice on the first day. As directed I began Tuesday with just using it at night (and using Clinique’s Antioxidant Moisturizer) while resuming my Wexler routine in the morning. By Friday it got to the point where my skin would be irritated if I didn’t use the ProActiv in the morning and night. Since I started using it twice a day the reaction has gone down tremendously. And my skin? CLEAR!

So far so good! Hope it keeps going!