My January 2017 Stitch Fix

My January 2017 Stitch Fix #thelovelygeek

It’s been quite awhile since I got my last Stitch Fix, but that’s one of the nice perks about the program is that you can pause on it however long you like. It’s a new year so I figured it was time for a little wardrobe update. Here’s my Fix for this month:

My January 2017 Stitch Fix #thelovelygeek

  1. Callie Denim Jacket by Kut From The Kloth
  2. Liza Colored Skinny Jean by Lila Ryan
  3. Maisey Dress by Papermoon
  4. Arizona Printed Oblong Scarf by Octavia
  5. Jeremiah Striped Mixed Material Pullover by Market & Spruce

Out of the five, I ended up keeping only the last three. I already have a denim jacket, and the skinny jeans were cute and fit, but the color wasn’t right for me and what I have in my wardrobe. I actually took the time to try different tops on with the jeans to see if I could make it work, but the price ended up making the decision for me.

Another cool thing I found out recently is that Stitch Fix has now partnered with GiveBackBox, and you can use the box your Fix came in to donate clothes and household items back to Goodwill. Since I usually try to donate things whenever I bring new items into the house (like clothes), this made donating a lot easier. And seeing as I’m at the end of the January Cure and I need to empty my Outbox, this is one of the ways I was able to do so!

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New to Stitch Fix? It’s an awesome subscription service where you’re sent 5 clothing items/accessories, and you simply pay for what you want and return what you don’t. You’re assigned a personal stylist who’ll pick out your outfits based on how you fill out your Stylist Profile. You can set your budget, leave notes for your stylist, even a link to a Pinterest board for inspiration. If you’d like to check it out for yourself sign up today for free and start filling out your Style Profile!