2018 The Lovely Geek Gift Guide: For Pets

2018 The Lovely Geek Gift Guide: For Pets

Of course I can’t forget the furbabies! I always make sure to get the pets a little something, especially Mr. Big because he loves opening presents (just like his mama πŸ˜†). Here are a few gifts that are sure to make a great hit!

  1. Ceramic Hanging Cat Planters
  2. Christmas Doggie Gingerbread
  3. Kong Squeezz Ball Dog Toy
  4. Furbo Interactive Pet Camera with Treat Dispenser
  5. PrettyLitter Daily Health Monitoring Litter Box Subscription
  6. BarkBox
  7. Organic Cat Grass Growing Kit
  8. Ark Naturals Brushless Dog Toothpaste
  9. Cathole Interior Pet Door

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