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Celebrating 6 and 12 Years

Today is mine and Joshua’s 6th wedding anniversary. We are also celebrating 12 years of togetherness. How are we celebrating? We’ve been in Anaheim since Thursday, and today we’ll be at the happiest place on earth. We’re starting our day with the Walk in Walt’s Footsteps Tour, and then late we have dinner reservations at… Read more »

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Our Honeymoon in Florida

When Joshua and I got married back in November I was still in school, and because missing one day of my school is equivalent to missing one week we decided to go on our honeymoon during my Christmas break. The day after Christmas Joshua and I got dropped off at the airport by my sis… Read more »

Us on Our Wedding Day


Our Wedding Film Is Complete

Our official wedding film from Frontside Films is finally complete! To start with, here is the 4 minute highlight video. Here is the feature video. It takes 6+ hours of our wedding day and crams it into a beautiful 22 minutes and 17 seconds. Amazing!

Joshua and I on our wedding day!


The Lovely Geek Wedding

Considering I was married over a month ago, I am LONG overdue for a post on the wedding! Unfortunately Joshua and I did not go on our honeymoon right away, so I was thrown right back into being busy with school. Plus now that the wedding planning was over, people were all, “Hey I need… Read more »

We finally tied the knot!


We Finally Tied the Knot!

One year ago today Joshua asked me to be his wife. Yesterday on our six year anniversary of dating, we became husband and wife. Words cannot describe how happy I was yesterday. I am beyond grateful for everyone that shared our special day with us, whether it was in person at the church or online… Read more »

Bridal Shower Cake


Something Fun and Something Blue

Yesterday was my bridal shower. It definitely was a shower because it rained all day long nonstop. Luckily the rain didn’t stop people from coming especially several people from out of town. My sis teamed up with my mom and my “mom in-love” to host the bridal shower, and it was a lot of fun…. Read more »

RSVP Invitations


Invitations Done

Tuesday afternoon I finally got the last of the invitations done and sent out. It was a long and tedious process, mainly because everything that could go wrong did: hole-puncher broke, I ran out of envelopes, ran out of web site cards, printer died, and new printer wouldn’t print RSVP cards. In the end, it… Read more »