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Life Me with my Nana (left) and Mormor (right), 2005

RIP Nana

Tuesday evening my dad journeyed to Mercy San Juan Hospital, where my Nana has been staying the past 4 weeks. He was going to sign whatever papers necessary to pull my Nana off life support. ... Read more »
Life Mercy San Juan Hospital

Can’t Even Begin

Thursday night I was up at my parents house, when the phone rang. My dad answered and it was a nurse telling him my Nana was receiving CPR. Wednesday I found out that my Nana’s ... Read more »
Life Mercy San Juan Hospital

Two Visits

I came up to my hometown on Thursday, and I was able to get two visits in with Nana. Both visits went really well since she was awake and talkative. Nana knew who I was ... Read more »
Life Mercy San Juan Hospital

The Stress is On

So, the latest with my Nana: I visited her on Saturday afternoon along with my mom, sis, and Joshua. She opened her eyes, but she was under heavy sedation so I don’t know if she’ll ... Read more »
Life Mercy San Juan Hospital

Worry Wait

This afternoon I got a call from my mom telling me that Nana just went into surgery. A nurse called the house trying to get ahold of my dad (after she couldn’t get ahold of ... Read more »