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Life Mercy San Juan Hospital

The Stress is On

So, the latest with my Nana: I visited her on Saturday afternoon along with my mom, sis, and Joshua. She opened her eyes, but she was under heavy sedation so I don’t know if she’ll ... Read more »
Life Mercy San Juan Hospital

Worry Wait

This afternoon I got a call from my mom telling me that Nana just went into surgery. A nurse called the house trying to get ahold of my dad (after she couldn’t get ahold of ... Read more »
Life My 2007 Christmas Haul

Merry Christmas!

The Christmas Haul Part 1 – Presents from Parents, Sis, and Joshua. Starting from the top, left to right: Winter Velvet Barbie (from Joshua’s little sis Serena), Disney Vintage Posters Calendar, Hot Cocoa mix, Star ... Read more »
Life Moving to Marin

This is it!

Okay so here is the latest and greatest avec moi. As of yesterday (Wednesday) my place is officially vacant. The locksmith comes on Friday and by the time Joshua gets off work, we will have ... Read more »
Life Moving to Marin

Going on Hiatus

This begins my last week living at home in good old Placerville. This upcoming weekend I will be moving the remainder of my stuff down to my grandparent’s house and Joshua’s storage and hopefully by ... Read more »