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I’m an Aunt

Today my (future) niece Renee Elizabeth Brullo was born at 11:05am. Heading to the hospital! My future niece was born!!! — Cristina Robinson (@LovelyGeek) July 18, 2009 Unfortunately, she was born by emergency c-section two ... Read more »
Life 2009 Easter Haul

Easter 2009

Happy Easter, everyone! Sorry my greeting is so late, but it has been a rather busy day. Started out with me being woken up at 6am by both the cats and my bladder. Tried to ... Read more »
Life VW New Beetle

Slug Bug

I started out the new year by getting a new car. Behold, my 2009 New Beetle! My ’01 Toyota Corolla had been slowly crapping out on me, so it was time to get a new ... Read more »